Gildings Barns is a licensed venue under 'The Marriages and Civil Partnerships (Approved Premises) Regulations 2005' and holds a license.

If you wish to do so, you are welcome to hold your legally binding ceremony at Gildings Barns.


Both the main 'Gildings Barn', and the 'Granary' in the garden are licensed buildings. The Granary is perfect when the sun is shining and guests can be seated outside. The main barn provides flexibility for accommodating up to 110 people inside if you prefer, or if the weather is unfavourable. The 'Side Barn' is used as the Registrars' room for the couple's interviews with them just prior to the ceremony taking place.

If you decide to have your ceremony at Gildings Barns please contact the Ceremony Booking Team at Surrey County Council (Mole Valley) to book the date with them at the same time as booking Gildings, or as early as possible. You can book the Registrars up to two years before your ceremony date.


Please note that Registrars are very busy during the peak wedding season and the 2pm Saturday slot is the most popular.

Please go to the Surrey County Council website for information on booking your marriage or civil partnership.


Animals, birds, reptiles, fish or insects are not allowed to be present or participate in any part of the ceremony (including gazebo ceremonies).  The only exception to this rule are trained assistance dogs, who, of course, may attend with their owner.

No food, alcohol, soft drinks, or beverages may be prepared, served, sold or consumed in the room in which the proceedings take place for one hour prior to, or throughout the ceremony.

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Celebrant-led Ceremonies


To add a highly personal and relaxed touch, you may also wish to also have a celebrant-led part to your ceremony.  This might be directly after the formal marriage on site by the Registrars, or perhaps because you have already conducted the legal proceedings on another occasion.


We have worked on many occasions with Jenny Knight of who will tailor your ceremony to your wishes and to reflect your personalities. With a celebrant, there are no restrictions in terms of content, format, style or music. You can also choose your setting within the barns or grounds. You might prefer the countryside views as your backdrop, or indeed the Granary, or perhaps you would like it held within the main barn, either at the end or even on the stage. You will also have lots of contact with your celebrant, and even a chance to walk and talk through your ceremony in-situ at the barn on one of the "meet your celebrant days".


Whether you are having a handfasting, a Jewish Blessing, or a traditional ceremony with a few personal twists, our  highly recommended celebrant guarantees a warm and engaging delivery on your special day.

Jenny provides a brilliant insight into how it all works, and a few unexpected things too!  She loves providing a ‘peek behind the curtain’ for her followers and they love seeing how it all happens and what they have to do to make it all run smoothly.

Gildings Barns Q&A with Knight Ceremonies

Please contact Jenny and her team on 0751 299 3143 or email